Yes, I’m a hot mess….and I scour the internet constantly in the hopes that I can find remedies for my hotmessness.   I am that chick that has to be afraid that my friends/family will put me on “what not to wear.”  I’m the daughter whose mom was slightly concerned how when I had my first child, being that I knew not a thing about kids.  I’m the one that my boss had to sit me down and explain to me that Berkenstocks were not considered business attire.   (I was shocked at that one, I actually asked them did they realize how much Berkenstocks costs??!!) SO….here I go…on to the most powerful information tool of human kind to find out ways to fix some of my hotmess ways.  Maybe you can learn from my mistakes 😉

Excorsist stairs

(me falling down the “Exorcist” stairs in DC)


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