My love/hate relationship with my hyper-pigmentation


Hyper-pigmentation, a fancy word for those brown spots on your face.  Mine are freckles and birth mark.  I have a spot on my chin.  When I was first born my mom thought it was dirt, and tried to wipe it off my face.  (thanks MOM!)  I never paid it attention until lately.  It seems to be getting worse.  My husband says he likes it…I think it makes me look old.  So in honor of up coming Summer, I’m going to try a few home remedies to see if I can at least lighten it a little.   The sun is going to make them worse so I figure better get a head start….

I came across some remedies here.  So basically my face is going to look like a salad for the next few weeks.  We’ll see if anything  works. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Don’t tell my husband..but I think I’m doing this for him


Socks (Photo credit: scalkins)

I ran across this blog by Prettiful Designs on 7 Ways in 7 Days to Knock the Socks off Your Spouse.  Great ideas.  And its his birthday month this month. 😉

Tarte Awaken Your Complexion vs Fake Up

Demonstrating Fake Up and Tarte Maracuja Creasless concealer side by side to compare the two products.

Fake Up: $24

Awaken Your Complexion: $32 kit



As I promised in my last post, I’d tell you about (duh duh Duuuuhhhhh): THE SCRAMBLER!  I can’t take credit for the term.  My DH coined the phrase.  The first time I ever heard it, I think we were still in dating phase.  I can’t tell you what we were arguing about at the time, but he said to me “wow, your scrambler must be on.”  Intrigued I gave up on the argument and had to ask him “What pray tell, is a scrambler?.”  A scrambler is defined as:  When a man says “X” and the words go into the woman’s brain and the scrambler takes “X” and scrambles it into “*kYW$^!”.

Here’s an example of the scrambler at work:  The husband says “I like your blue dress better.” But if the wife’s scrambler is activated what she hears is “I think the dress you have on makes you look like a over bloated whale, please take it off immediately before I barf.” Now we all know in reality the husband isn’t even thinking that hard about any dress, he really is probably just giving whatever answer he thinks will please his wife…..AND we know he most certainly DOES not think his wife is a bloated whale.  But ladies, we have to admit it, we all have scramblers in our brain.  Sometimes they are dormant, other times they are very active (usually at its peak during that most wonderful time of the month).

So here’s my advise to the ladies:  Give your dude a break and recognize you have a scrambler. My scrambler is awesome!! I’m actually quite impressed with it…I can take:  “What day are we going to the beach” and my scrambler will turn it into “I’ve paid no attention to all that planning you’ve put into summer vacation for the last few months cause I really don’t give a crap, and to prove it I haven’t even asked off from work yet, which is why I’m just now asking what days we are going to the beach.”   See how that happens!! That’s one mighty fine scrambler 🙂    Now, since my scrambler is the deluxe version, I usually can’t stop my mouth from firing off.  Which is what I recommend for us ladies….before you jump to conclusions….just take whatever was said for face value.   Then after I jump down his throat, I usually retract what I’ve just said by acknowledging my scramblers handy work.  I tell my husband “Dang, you just got yelled at for asking what day we are going on vacation!”  LOL which leads me to my advice for dudes….

Guys:  You’re women have scramblers…its like a tic, we can’t help it we are born with them.  Don’t take it personal and acknowledge it. My husbands defense against the scrambler is to just concede to whatever the scrambler has just yelled at him about. “Yes, dear, I’ll make sure I ask off for work tomorrow.”  Sometimes publicly acknowledging a scramblers handy work together can defuse the situation.  This takes time though. I wouldn’t recommend telling your wife her scrambler is working unless you have really good running shoes on.  🙂  Let her self discover it.

But hey, what do I know, I’m a hot mess myself….If you really want help with the srambler..somebody wrote a book about it…you can check it out here:  BAM